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Flash Sale

Define sitewide, collection, vendor, or product specific sales. Choose from 10+ promo types such as percentage off, fixed amount off, tiered discounts, BOGO, and more.

Free Gift With Purchase

Give away a free gift when customers purchase specific products or when they spend more than a specific amount.

Buy X Get Y

Provide a discount (Y) when visitors add specific products (X) to cart. For instance, 25% off fries when you purchase a burger. Use it for cross-selling complementary and related products.

Buy One, Get One (BOGO)

Provide a discount when visitors add one or more of the same products to cart. For instance, buy 2 shirts, get 50% off the 2nd shirt.

Tiered Discounts

Build tiered discount promotions (Buy more, save more) based on the total value of the cart. Provide up to 5 tiers of discounts and increase your average order value. (for instance, 10% off $100, 15% off $200)

Volume Discounts

Create bulk discounts with ease. Use it for wholesale pricing or to increase average order value. Select up to 5 tiered discount levels. (for instance, qty=4, 5% off; qty=5, 8% off; qty =10+, 15% off)

Free Shipping

Incentivize customers to spend more in order to receive a free shipping discount with customizable interactive sticky bar & in-cart messages.

Specify Promotion Triggers

Show the Right Price to the Right Audience - Choose from a variety of promotion triggers including automatic promotions, logged-in customers, private sales, coupon code(s), and more.

Automatic Promotions

Say goodbye to creating coupon codes that your customer has to remember and use. Run multiple automated promotions at once.

VIP Deals

Offer benefits to specific segments of your logged-in customers. Use it for wholesale pricing or to reward customer loyalty and increase average order value.

Private Sales

Activate exclusive discounts via a shareable link. Use it to offer special promos to various customer segments (email marketing, social media, ad campaigns, affiliate partners, A/B price testing, etc). Only users with access to the shareable link can see the promo.

Show Discounted Price Before Checkout

Increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment by showing discounted pricing consistently throughout the entire buyer's journey - from the homepage, collection page, product page, and on cart. View Demo

Interactive Sticky Bar

Easily communicate offers to your visitors and motivate them to take the next step. Our sticky bar is interactive in that (if enabled), the message changes when the visitor interacts with the promotion. View Demo

Countdown Timers

Create urgency with the use of countdown timers. Customize the look and feel of countdown timer to match your brand's identity.

Custom Sale Icons

Choose from a wide variety of Collection Page Sale Icons that help visitors discover and navigate promotions within your store. 

Redeem Discount Codes on Cart

With our configurable discount code field on the cart page, customers can redeem one or more coupon/promo/discount codes directly at cart.

Promo Stacking

Our powerful app is built to allow you to tailor and stack multiple discounts and promotions to fit your needs. View demo.

Activate Multiple Automatic Promotions

Set up multiple automatic promotions that can apply to the same cart. View Demo

Schedule Sales

With our built-in smart scheduling, sales campaigns will run only when you want them to.