Decorative Plants

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Super powerful app. - show right discount to the right customer profile

Finally I can run multiple campaigns at the time BUT showing the right discount to the right customer profile.

Targeted segmentation per country, client type (i.e past customer, new customer, prospect, etc) is super easy AND so is tracking which campaigns were more successful with nice looking charts.

The support is A++. Try it, you will not regret it.

Golf Pupils

Bump in conversion, using these links in Facebook ads

Love this app. Great support too!

Using these links in dynamic ads in Facebook at the moment.

Saw a bump in conversion as soon as I started using it.

Hydropro Sales

Works Great in social media, email, great support team

This is an awesome app that allows you to send a special link that will discount your product to the link holders only! Works great in social media, email, the works. The support team.. IS FABULOUS. They will set this up for you on your site even for the trial version, FREE. You want this app!


Excellent app. I use it to run secret sales to my VIP customers and do A/B tests on pricing.

It works great. Finally i can give a unique discount code to each client THAT expires after x time, so i don't need to worry about coupons being distributed everywhere on the web. Brilliant.

The developer continues to add really great features. Really great support. I cannot wait for the reports to become available.


We have been able to increase our ROAS significantly since customers are able to see exclusive discounts.

We've been struggling for two years trying to give exclusive discounts for a limited time directly to customers who came from a specific source or link but we couldn't until this app!

We were looking to give our Facebook customers a unique discount so we don't have to keep our store on sale ALL THE TIME! But now we are able to give customers an exclusive discount for a Limited Time (use the timer in the app).

Since using this app, we were able to remove discounts from our store directly (made it an actual brand instead of a cheap stake on sale all the time) and give exclusives to Facebook and abandoned cart customers after the discount expired.

Discount Ninja! Thank you for making this app! Our sale has Sky Rocketed & we can finally rest in peace.